KsWeb - Webserver in your pocket

official site: http://kslabs.ru

KSWEB is a set for web developer for the Android platform. The package consists of: web server, FTP server, PHP programming language, MySQL DBMS and scheduler.


  • Lighttpd server v1.4.35
  • Nginx v1.13.1
  • Apache v2.4.28
  • PHP v7.4.3
  • MySQL v5.6.38
  • Msmtp v1.6.1
  • Web Interface v3.0
  • KSWEBFTP v1.0
  • Editor v1.2
  • Scheduler

I have used this in past.
Worked pretty well at the time. Only used apache server.

I got to Servers Ultimate Pro as a forced upgrade from the discontinued SMS Gateway free. Had to uninstall and ask for a refund because even just tapping on anything related to the SMS Gateway would crash the app.

Ice Cold SMS Gateway free occasionally stops or crashes but still works acceptably well. Know of any better alternatives out there?