KS-10 on Flash Sale | i5 16GB 2TB | 12.99€

You know what to do…

Edit: IMO it’s a great deal. I still have that memorable KS-3C for 10€ with upgrade to KS-4C, but it’s worth paying the extra 3€ in case the server fails (officially people who bought that KS-3C will get KS-3C if the server gets replaced). Also, I haven’t seen such great deal from OVH for the last 3 years.


Some OneProvider deals going on in FR as well

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good deal

still, if you sign up in the english part of the site, you have to agree in french :blush:

J’accepte les General Conditions of Service for Kimsufi Servers et déclare être âgé de plus de 16 ans révolus. J’accepte de recevoir des informations concernant les produits d’OVH.

I saw Scaleway having cheap storage servers, 15 euro for 2 x 4TB with 32Gb Ram

Non-recurring sales are the devil


Should let @Neoon know. He loves their network. :laughing:

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OneProvider, BestProvider. Right, @Neoon/@WSS? :stuck_out_tongue:


As Reminder they had these for 4.99 not 6.99


Who is “they”? I see €8.99 (+ €1 for SSD) on online.bs’s site along with a setup fee.

OneProvider sold the same servers, with same cpu and ssd for 4.99, no setup.


Gotcha. Prices rising fast, my man. At least it’s still cheaper than online direct and OP isn’t as bipolar as online with all the price hikes and non-recurring sales.