Koofr Storage 1TB at 20% OFF

At Stacksocial, Koofr is allowing usage of coupons again, but just for 1TB offer. With coupon code: KOOFR customers can get 20% off 1TB lifetime storage (resulting price of $113).

Link (aff).

Link (no-aff).

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Thanks for posting this!

A couple of weeks ago I likely would’ve jumped all over this, but iDrive e2 coming out with $20/TB pricing for a year changes the math a bit now. Buying Koofr would mean 5+ years of lifetime to “break even” with the cheapest alternative, which doesn’t seem like a good bet.

Also, in the US I didn’t have particular great speeds on Koofr with my 10GB free plan, as they’re in Europe. Probably other factors affecting that too.

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