JetBackup for Linux: anyone using it?


I’m thinking on using JetBackup, but before spending too much time preparing a server and installing, I’d like to hear you experience with it.

Is it fast? Reliable? Can I backup multiple servers with a single license?


I haven’t tried that yet, but I’ll say this about JetBackup: I will buy anything they make. They’re brilliant at what they do.

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Supports CentOS only :-/

I think they license per IP/server so no you can’t backup multiple servers.

CentOS only is a deal breaker and the pricing seems pretty high. How does this compare to R1Soft? It seems agent-less and the block level copy R1Soft does is pretty nice. We don’t use either but I’ve had a lot of experience with R1Soft.

I’d rather opt for use of BorgBackup as this seems like a fancy rsnapshot or duplicity.

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