JellyVPN - at that kind of money?

JellyVPN has a lifetime offer on StackSocial with $59 for just 5 devices.

I tried to search the company online, but could not find much info. It seems to be based in USA and in some target country with Arabic (due to website language). Internet Archive does not help much, but the domain and services seem to be quite old.

What I find weird is how they ask $59 for a service without Wireguard, without browser extensions, without mobile apps, without desktop apps, and with no torrenting allowed in USA. So… why $59 for an old service with absolutely nothing new (but a website in English which previously did not exist)?

Maybe @Ympker knows something about this new addition to Stacksocial. They even claim it is “Working Everywhere (even restricted countries)”, so I wonder if China has put it to the test so far, with regards to The Great Firewall.

I remember it from Stacksocial. Looked really sketchy to me, personally. Would skip this.


I’m still laughing about the time someone sold unlimited, lifetime shared hosting on stacksocial and it was just a HostGator reseller account (that didn’t even work lol). Their quality controls for service providers are so bad.



10 years of experience, only 5 followers on socials and 1 review at Trustpilot. Would avoid.


I think one of those unlimited lifetime Hosting’s is ibravehosting on Stacksocial. Granted it’s been there forever, but…

JellyVPN on website states this for premium tier:

10,000$ SSL Warranty

Secured by SSL Security


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Because their whole marketing is based on one single thing, the LTD angle.
I have no doubt many will bite.