ISPConfig, HestiaCP, and CentOS WP situation?

So I saw the poll on this forum from last year about web control panels and it got me wondering.

Firstly, why is ISPConfig still popular? I have always thought it looked really shitty. Is there something I’m missing about it being better quality than it looks?

Next, is VestaCP pretty much dead now after their security breaches? In effect it seems like they just renamed it to be HestiaCP for marketing reasons… is that accurate or not?

Third, I know DirectAdmin and Webmin have been popular a long time, but I also wonder why CentOS WP has never really gotten very popular despite being well integrated to CentOS servers?

Function over form. ISPConfig might not look that great, but if functions and performs very well. I would take that over a panel that looks good but is barely functional.

Nope, that’s not accurate at all. HestiaCP is a fork of VestaCP, maintained by totally different people with a focus on security.


ISPConfig is just stable; Tim/Till?! (the admin) is working hard and the forum is active. It’s my go-to free panel.

I have a small Virmach box running Cyberpanel. It is still buggy and it works if you do not “hammer it”.

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