Is There a Control Panel Specifically for Wordpress Hosting?

Hello does anyone know if exist any control panel (or script) for sale for only wordpress hosting?

something like mykinsta (i know this one must be created by their own)

I like WordOps :slight_smile:

If you like using the terminal, you can do almost anything with No web interface though.

It’s pretty smooth, still don’t know if I’m comfortable with all it does/all their choices …
(Can I disable the netdata/admin gui parts?)

But one weird thing: When it runs wo upgrade or wo stack upgrade or something, that seems to break, it starts reporting the node as down … (Maybe fighting with netdata for resources or something?) :thinking:

is there any way to implement a button for install wordpress on web interface?
this is mainly what i looking for

Maybe the built-in “multisite” feature would suit your use case? Create A Network – Documentation –

It lets you have multiple sites using one single WordPress installation. Not appropriate for every scenario, but it does handle the most common use cases well enough. My sister has a few different blogs and I’m hosting all of them using a single WordPress installation via the multisite feature. It uses subdomains by default, but you can use custom domains with it.