Is reseller hosting still a thing?

To be a reseller or not to be, that is the question :smiley:

I am curious to know if people still look for reseller hosting plans?

I want to know if the demand is there in the industry or have the cPanel spiked pricing turned people away OR closed this market completely?!

Your thoughts…

It is probably the only thing I am looking for these days. I cancelled all my VPS and am basically only on Reseller Hosting (DA/cPanel) now.

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Just out of interest, what is the spec of the current plan you are on?

@Miguel Lifetime Reseller Hosting 50GB SSD powered by Hetzner Ryzen servers and DirectAdmin. Paid a one time fee for that one :wink:

Other than that HostMantis Reseller Entry plan (25GB SSD) with cPanel at 60$/year.

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I am the same as Ympker.

I host everything on a DA reseller from BuyVM. On the 20GB plan in Luxembourg.


I am phasing out my HostMantis reseller account that is going to have a too stiff price hike. I don’t really need to resell anyway, I just arrange hosting for other people.

Depend on user requirements,
at least for me, a shared/reseller plan no make sense, but that is because my requirements not fit with shared/reseller accounts.

for me a shared/reseller only make sense for static page or php based page.

Shared and reseller will stay strong as long as Wordpress still in the market.

Hopefully the folks at Hetzner respect the word “lifetime” more than the folks at WHMCS.

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Lifetime is offered by Miguel, not Hetzner :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess it is still a thing. Using it for a couple of my websites

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