Is anyone else still using Nagios?

I’ve been thinking about migrating my monitoring away from Nagios (community edition) for about 3 years, but I have never got round to it or found anything quite as flexible. My version of Nagios is old (version 3) with nconf, both of which are unsupported. I’m monitoring 42 different servers, a mixture of Windows & Linux, a number of “services” SQL, mailqs, ESX hardware (308 in total) and it well just works! The mobile status app is great, the notifications work well now.

I am about to add a whole new service to monitoring, probably with about 30 different checks, so it seems like a good opportunity to throw it out there.

I guess I would like to know what others are doing / using?



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We use Nagios XI, as well as community for monitoring multiple clients with 20+ servers per client. We have SMS setup for notifying us about critical checks. We plan to move everything to XI, as it has more options and is easier to maintain everything under one panel. I just don’t like Nagios frontend in general, it’s not responsive and sometimes the auto refresh fails and does not update. We’ve written quite a few custom checks for our system that we deploy. So far it works and we’re sticking to it, but would like to hear more about it.

Why would you throw out nagios? I really like it. Yeah the interface is ugly but you can write your own or use another 3rd party interface like icinga.

I don’t have a problem with it at all, but given I will need to build a new monitoring server (I’ve tried the 3 → 4 upgrade and it wasn’t pleasant on this server and I will need to replace nconf) I thought it was worth a check.

At the moment, if I stick with Nagios, will be Nagios and NagiosQL for the frontend.

You should be able to copy your configs still. They are pretty much the same from v3 - v4 with slight changes. Just run a ‘service nagios configtest’ or w/e your equivalent will be once you have the v4 server up and running and your configs moved over.