IPv4 Waitlist

Figured it’s something interesting for discussion

To the moon!

Yeah. Pretty much. What’s also interesting is that (from my short check of the policies):

  • Only LIRs who haven’t received any IPs from RIPE are eligible to be on the waitlist
  • Each LIR who do get IP will only get a single /24.

The real reason IPv4 is exhausted from the World is because of AWS and Jio. Both took too many resources and have capacity of using only 10% of them! Really, IANA should force them to give away or should snatch away their IPv4 subnets. Thats really wrong that we are facing high prices due to these companies wasting IPv4

Well, yes, these are and were the rules and they haven’t been changed much since RIPE depletion AFAIK
RIPE reminded us several times what the “plan” would have been once at IPv4 depletion, it seemed to me that all the people with some interests in IPv4s had moved in time… arriving “late” and being able to take only a /24 (if and when available) at the “cost” of those who, a few months earlier, took a /22, seemed a short-sighted and unwise attitude to say the least

What surprises me is the extraordinary increase in the last few days of people in queue
Maybe there is something I don’t know (probable)
Maybe someone has started to ask for blocks also in the name of their cat and dog

Hetzner (et al.) have recently started to put an explicit “price tag” on IPv4s assigned per default with their services; that could be an incentive to move away from IPv4 towards IPv6 or an incentive for speculative manoeuvres

Anyway I’m quite clueless about this sudden H I K E in /24 requests

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In the last 24 months, we provided 4,178 LIRs with a /24 allocation:

  • 2,019 allocations (48%) went to members with a single LIR account
  • 452 allocations (11%) went to members with 2-4 LIR accounts
  • 298 allocations (7%) went to members with 5-9 LIR accounts and
  • 1,409 allocations (34%) went to members with 10 or more LIR
    accounts (up to 33 /24 allocations to a single member)


Looking at the current market prices for IPv4 in comparison to our
membership fees, even a wait time of several months is acceptable for
organisations that plan to transfer their allocation after the end of
the holding period.

If you aren’t Amazon or Alibaba… that’s a thing

We tried to discuss IPv4 issues at RIPE84, the project committee even has not accepted our slides) But you may rent IPv4 with us at Interlir.com anyway)

Maybe just take them away from anyone who doesn’t fully support ipv6. That ought to solve the problem.

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