Iomart UK

Hi All,

Hoping to tap into the hostballs hive mind. According to our hosting provider IOMART UK had a firewall issue last week causing downtime to our (my full time work) site. I can’t find anything on IOMARTs status page or twitter feed apparently the down time was 10:14-12:19 UK time 20/02/2019 and 20:53-21:48 22/02/2019.

Did anyone else experience this or know anything about the incident?


Hey, there are quite a few factors to consider.

For example, most providers wouldn’t offer a shared firewall service so if it was a firewall issue and it was dedicated this wouldn’t be seen by other users on the network.

Do you know which iomart site you’re in? They have approx 13 DCs in the UK across 10 different towns/cities.


I’m asking for more details. They did say it was firewall configuration issues, but I can’t believe iomart would be working on customers firewalls at that time of day without consent from the customer. It just seemed a bit fishy to me.

Perhaps start with asking for an official RFO.

As @jack said, so many factors to consider and you’re providing virtually no information.

At 10:14 AM UK time 20/02/2019 all hosted services on the IOMART platform were affected by a network routing issue. All websites were restored to normal operation at 12:19 PM UK Time 20/02/2019. IOMART confirmed that this was due to a firewall failure and manual intervention was required to failover to a secondary firewall instance. On 21/02/2019 IOMART applied an update patch to both firewall instances at 22:00 UK time. This was to address a VPN connectivity issue and was a zero downtime update. At 20:53 UK time on 22/02/2019 all hosted services were affected by another outage that lasted until 21:48 UK time. This was also related to the firewall configuration that required manual intervention to reboot both instances.

That’s the official RFO from our hosting provider.