Introducing ProxCP - A Control Panel for Proxmox VPS Hosting

I thought I would share this here because we are looking for more active testers. We got a ton of interest and feedback already but not a ton of active installations.


ProxCP is a full-featured extension to Proxmox VE for VPS hosting providers. Proxmox is well-known and very reliable but it is missing many features and convenience factors that would make it ideal for commercial use. ProxCP aims to solve this by providing a customer web interface that is easy to use with full billing integration. LXC, KVM, and KVM Cloud accounts are all supported.


ProxCP is a generalized version of vnCP - VaporNode’s in-house control panel. vnCP has gone through multiple development iterations and has been in use internally since 2015. We decided to add Administrator features and a whole bunch of other modifications to make it available to anyone because Proxmox should be considered more often. Current commercial VPS hosting solutions based on Proxmox seemed lacking so here we are.


ProxCP handles all core functionality of Proxmox plus some extra bits that our customers have requested over the years. It also has Administrator features that make it easier to coordinate and operate a business using Proxmox. Screenshots and a full list of features are available here: ProxCP - VPS Hosting Control Panel for Proxmox - Product Tour


ProxCP is feature-complete and offers billing integration with WHMCS and Hostbill. We have concluded internal tests but we know how the system works so we can’t be so thorough. The FREE ProxCP Beta is now available for those who’d like to help with this.


The length of the beta period is undetermined. It will last at least 30 days but probably longer.

What you need:

  • At least 1 Proxmox node
  • Web server (PHP, MySQL)
  • Daemon server (NodeJS; web and daemon server can be the same)

Beta limitations:

  • Limited to 3 Proxmox nodes maximum
  • Billing integrations are not included

What do you get for helping:

If you are a proactive tester and provide us with at least 3 pieces of feedback (positive or negative), you will receive a FREE ProxCP Basic license for 6 months upon product release. Tell us what to add, what to fix, what looks good, how to improve documentation…whatever. We want to hear what you have to say.

BETA SIGNUP: Shopping Cart - ProxCP

Beta orders are manually reviewed/processed. There might be a delay in activation to keep things under control. You will receive an email when the order is activated. There is no hard limit on the amount of beta participants.

ProxCP source is protected and there are no plans to release an open source version.

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The ProxCP beta will be wrapping up at the end of the month. Those that earned a free license upon release will be notified soon. Otherwise, all beta keys will be expired at that time. Your ProxCP beta installation may still work up to 7 days past the expiration date.

On top of bug fixes, here are the miniature features we added during the beta:

  • WHMCS client integration (view invoices, view/open/close/reply to tickets)
  • IPv6 option to assign subnets or individual addresses
  • Front-end templates and custom.css file
  • Per-user language options
  • Support for Proxmox clusters

There will be no further feature updates during the beta. Upon full release of ProxCP in February, this is what you will get.

In the meantime, we will be working on these features post-launch:

  • Blesta integration
  • Add custom ISOs as user
  • SolusVM/Virtualizor migration tools
  • Growing translation support (currently EN and ZH only)
  • Cleaning up admin pages/dashboard
  • Integrating blocking of outbound SMTP traffic and whitelisting of specific IP addresses

Do you have any config for Nginx?

I’m trying that without success.

/install loads fine, but /install?step=1 fails

Awesome. Can you explain how the front end templates work in order to develop a unique template? Also is there a changelog for the templates in case of updates?

And any plans to add block storage?

I don’t have much experience with nginx. It looks like try_files would work as it keeps query strings unaffected.

Templates are done using Twig. All of the .tpl files are in the templates/ directory. Each {name}.tpl file corresponds to its associated {name}.php file. When we start using the changelog in ProxCP docs, changes to template files will be displayed. I say that because we haven’t been using the changelog for beta updates but that will change on full release.

As of the near future, block storage isn’t on the map but it is something worth considering.


Very nice, love Proxmox and installing beta now, leave comment in 1 week, no worries about the free license

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