Interworx Alternatives?

I am currently searching for Load Balancer Cluster Hosting Control Panels. I found InterworX to be useful in terms of cluster and Load balancer but it states “their point of failures would be distributed”. It does not copy any Data on slave nodes and slave nodes just run the services. In this case, we can assume that if master goes down, slaves will be of no use because of no Data mirror or copying. My question is “is there any Hosting Control Panel which completely denies on the fact of Single-point-of-failure”. Like all FTP Data gets copied to the slave servers and Load balancers can also be clustered.

I’m not aware of any well packaged solution for this.

I don’t think there are any good self-hosted solutions for this either. But if you’re looking for something simple to use (i.e. click-to-run), all of the major hyperscalers offer managed load balancers.

As everyone elses here mentioned, there aren’t really “out of the box” Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN) array solutions.

I really wished panels from web panels to gaming panels to virtaulization hosting panels would really let you have such setups “out of the box”. Where you could for example have 1:10 nodes on “standby” when one node does dies. Say to a disk array dying out or really on the way out.

Would really make HA/semi-HA really affordable to the general public indeed.

Actually, Fastly opened my eyes about Single point of failure which made my website offline! So, if there will be 3 Locations: (US continent), Europe and Singapore. There will be no downtime of any website! Even if One Provider’s network go offline, the rest two will remain be functional even if master goes offline!

In InterworX, I thought if Master went down, other 2 will manage it through load balancer, but didn’t saw the thing that Thise 2 nodes will be NFS mounted in Master node!:roll_eyes: So still, Single point of failure…

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Quite often going down that road leads to excessive complexity and cost, and introduces new single points of failure. On average I see less problems with things that aren’t redundant that I do with things that are. For the average person and use case I always recommend SPOF + backups.


If you’re willing to use cPanel you might find a solution with “AUTOM8N” - I considered it for some time but ultimately decided against it and moved away from cPanel.

InterWorx is probably the best solution out of the box for this, Their diagrams suggest having the storage server accessible via a private network and then having the storage server set up with HA at the machine level.

I am not gonna tell what I used totally but wanna tell you that I used ISPconfig as core for the Server as it supports mirroring. Rest, It is open source so I’ve edited and made it exactly how I wanted it to be!:grinning:

As a shared hosting consumer I am after DirectAdmin, ensures accessibly both in terms of pricing and literal accessibly (since I am deaf and blind).

I tried other options including Cpanel/WHM and it just not as accessible to me as Direct Admin allows (provided the host bothers to upkeep it properly).

DirectAdmin is good; no doubt. But it dosen’t provide scalablity I need…

But as we all mentioned, there isn’t something that you can just “install and go” with as far as that goes.

It’s either install the panel onto x number of machines or it’s entirely “do it yourself” jerry rigging it.

I think DirectAdmin has a lot of mostly unknown functions that can facilitate a good bit of clustering. Documentation is spread out but some stuff:
Something about remote MySQL:

Probably the best panel for piecing it all together.

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