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Some time back, my wordpress site db was hacked. They took my tables and left a ransome note to pay to get data back.

I didn’t update my site since 2013. Prior to that I would write about my thoughts. It would be nice to get them back.

Any web crawlers which could have archived my site?

I tried wayback machine but it can get me access to only a handful posts, remaining ones come as unauthorized (no idea why).

Any suggestions welcome.

P.s. this is my first post here, been a long time lurker. Thanks in advance

Possibly, or google cache. Not sure if archives anything without being told to do so though. Google cache time might’ve ran out already too.

Google cache … time has run out. Will check other option. Thanks

google “” inurl:/article maybe?

Will try. Thnx

Normally you seem quite adept at reading…

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What do you mean?
Nevermind. == the wayback machine…

There ya go. :slight_smile: