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Hi everyone! I represent InfoFractal, a new company created by two friends, that aims to solve the sustainability problem of datacenters by building datacenters near industries that need heat here in Southern Chile.
We offer dedicated blades and VPS servers, all of them with Infiniband Interconnects.
Use promocode “hostedtalk1” for a 10% discount!
We also are also open to discussing any offers.
Everything has a 100Mbps national/international uplink!
MTR to other relevant countries here: mtr chile/peru/brazil/argentina -

Dell M620 Blade with 1x Xeon E5 2620v2, 24GB RAM, RAID1 240GB SSDs and 6TB of transfers.
Order here!
For just 54USD/month or 540USD/year! Even further discounts paying with crypto!
You can add more storage instantly with our Infiniband iSCSI SAN. We also provide support for any HPC applications you may want to run. We really want you to use 100% CPU!

And for just 90 USD/month you get 2x Xeon E5 2620v2, 32GB of RAM, and 7TB of transfers
Order here!
This one has near instant setup! We use MaaS to manage our dedicated servers. The single socket one will require someone to remove a CPU, so setup will be in maximum 4 hours.

Both of them include 1x IPv4 and a /64 IPv6 provided by a Hurricane Electric tunnel.

For VPS, we have a range from 6 vCPU with 6 GiB RAM to big VPS with 32 vCPU and 192GiB RAM, starting from 15 USD.
Includes 1x IPv4 and a /64 IPv6 provided by a Hurricane Electric tunnel.
All VPS are hosted on big quad socket Xeon v2 servers.
Order here!

For any further information just ask in this thread or send us an email to contacto AT


Hello glad you’ve joined us :wink:
Welcome aboard

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Thanks for recommending this site!


I’m testing one out now. We’ve found it very difficult to find solid networks in Chile. I hope yours is.


Thanks for trying us out! What sort of trouble did you run into?
Our main connection is basically an extension of Entel S.A. datacenter, hope your problems werent with them.

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