IncogNET - Crypto Month - All Services/Plans 50% off. CloudLinux Shared, KVM VPS, Ad-Block VPN

Ayyo, MannDude here. Bringing you some good deals on some good services. The entire month of July we’ve dedicated as, “Crypto Month” where all products/services/plans are being offered at a 50% discount when paid for by crypto.


Company Stuff:

  • Business Legal Name: IncogNET LLC
  • Registration Date: 04/21/2021
  • Business Address: 30 N. Gould Street, STE 4000, Sheridan, WY 82801
  • Business Phone: 1-307-201-2591
  • Business Email: company[AT]incognet[dot]io

Here is a just some of what we’re offering

Instead of just having a bunch of plans, I’ll tell you about the product/service and if interested, check it out on our site.

Sure, we’re using CloudLinux, DirectAdmin, and Softaculous and offer DDoS protection. Who isn’t? While that helps provide a rock solid service for general, everyday use type of shared hosting, we wanted to do something different and stand by our commitment to online privacy by letting you publish content not only direct to the ‘regular internet’ , but mirror that same content to the Tor and/or the I2P anonymity networks as well if you wish! Our goal is to push normal, regular, ‘every day content’ to networks that respect your privacy in an effort to encourage normal, regular use of them. This feature is optional and is setup manually, but those who opt-in will receive a random native V3 onion address and/or I2P address. For sites requiring the most privacy, please consider using a VPS and setting up your hidden service or I2P eepsite yourself. We’ll have guides posted soon!

Aside from that, we encourage the use of PGP email encryption when sending/receiving mail from your own domain. We have enabled and use the Enigma Encryption plugin for RoundCube which allows you to generate/import your own private key and import public keys from your contacts. (Note: By default the keys are stored securely on the server, which is the only way Enigma can encrypt/decrypt messages. Please consider using a desktop client if you feel more comfortable with that.)

The current plans are located in Helsinki, Finland with Hetzner. We’re working on additional locations and weighing options for expansion in other privacy friendly areas.

All servers in are powered by AMD Ryzen CPU’s and either have SSD or NVMe storage. Orders for the next couple of days will likely be provisioned on an SSD node, however the one coming after is NVMe. If specifically requiring NVMe, let me know and we’ll get you setup on it. (Already have it, sitting idle)

Our Ad and Bullshit Blocking VPN Service is also available at 50% off. We operate our own anycast “DNS Over Tor” network, which is where we filter out all the “BS” like ads, trackers, telemetry gatherers and other known malicious domains from resolving over our VPN network.

This is a barebones service. You get an OpenVPN configuration file for each location you select. We suggest that you use the official OpenVPN apps for your desktop, server, or mobile devices.

There is no tracking, no logging, no data caps. If you order the “Pick 3” plan, you can use one configuration file on your phone, another on your desktop, and give one to a friend and all be connected at the same time.

NOTE: That VPN orders are manually setup. After payment clears, it could be 0 - 12 hours before I get you setup. Once setup, you’ll be notified via email/ticket and will have a configuration file available from your client portal for each of the locations that you choose.

If you select the same location more than once when ordering, you will receive however many configurations for that location that you choose. IE: Order the “Pick 3” plan and choose 2 New York and 1 Luxembourg = You’ll receive 2 separate New York configuration files and 1 Luxembourg configuration file.


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