In Need of a /24 IPv4 [Fulfilled]

I need a /24 from someone who doesn’t mind me occasionally getting it blacklisted but overall actually improving it’s chances at being well received for email delivery later. The blacklistings are accidents, the clean events plentiful, the monitoring heavy. The catch is it has to be ARIN. RIPE ratelimited Microsoft and you can’t get on their SNDS program anymore with a RIPE range (unless maybe you’re one of the lucky few that pull it off before the rate limit kicks in every day).

Anyone have any ideas? I have no ASN, at least not on ARIN. I’m not really good with all of that stuff, I just make a mean postfix relay.


Sure enough I found my new outbound site. It’s the great, the powerful, the @qps.


Well we had this discussion, as you announced that you will use your ASN with your rented /24, that one /24 is not enough for sending that amount of emails.
So basically, to reduce the blacklist rate, get another /24 and balance it in-between them.
Maybe that helps.

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I can allot a /24 from my ARIN range if you still require one.


Welcome! And thank you! I just landed what I needed from QuickPacket so I should be good for a bit now.


QuickWho? Who is this newbie provider that surely won’t be in the business for more than… 17+ years… gulp

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Just start abusing NAT hosts.

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NAT has mostly Mail blocked anyway.
Also these cheap yearly boxes have it blocked also.

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Well, your title says “Dicks”, not “Professional Shitposter”.
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I’m afraid I do not have the ability to set my own title.
Yours says “Service Provider”, which is also borderline inaccurate.

But you can request such.
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