If There One SSH Guide I Would Actually Uses It Would Be

I found this the other day from Red Hat as I will be soon a proud rentee of a 6 cores/12 threads small power house machine. I believe it’s a concise and easily follow “able” guide that just about any VPS/dedi owner can follows as appropriate for their instrafacture. Without totally losing it in the process…

Combine this with a honeypot setup for automatic bruce forcing bots and I believe this sort of setup can be relatively harden SSH wise that is. :+1:

SSH native with CentOS is already hardened. One more way to secure it fully is to add a Private key with passphrase which would make it impossible to even Bruteforce!:sweat_smile:

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Absolutely, though I would still care to setup a honeypot to try to thaw those bots while I can. To prevent other infilterations (e.g. at the panel, other services’, etc levels).