IBM acquires RedHat

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What do you think will happen to RedHat?

  1. Can’t mean anything positive for open source
  2. More power to evil people like Poettering

great news

Not the greatest news, look for oss packages to go closed source. But still better than Microsoft buying GitHub.

RHEL/2 Warp!

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I think Microsoft buying Red Hat would’ve been better. Lmao.

@mfs perfect!

Not only do I hate this, I think its a very odd fit for IBM. Open source and IBM just do not seem like a match at all.

They are now in the hole for $80B+, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Since RHEL is the mantelpiece of Red Hat, it’s hard to imagine that IBM would want to abandon it, but how it’s developed may change with time, in particular, the relationship to Fedora and CentOS. Probably nothing will change for RHEL 7, but it’ll be interesting to see their approach to RHEL 8.