I Need to Stop Buying Deals

i’ve kinda gone cold turkey and just cancelled renewal, in one sitting, a whole bunch of VPSs and DSs (i think 15 altogether?) while retaining a handful of good deals. i think i’m left with 5 VPSs.

then i signed up for oracle’s free account, installed debian on both, and of course they’re also idling. i don’t mind logging in once a month, although i think i despise having to do so.

i gotta stop this addiction. ahhh… 2.5 more weeks to BF/CM.


I can help you utilizing those idlers. :smiley:

yeah, you need to stop buying

Nah, keep buying them. Just stop idling them :stuck_out_tongue:

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That looks familiar did I said the same thing before? :thinking:

I should set up Rehab for VPS cold turkey for $7 a month.


Yes cancel renewal for the current vps/dedis you have and buy new ones this BF.

Lose - Lose

Sign me up I need rehab got a number of idle VPS.


I do not want to stop buying deals, though I do have servers idling. I think the problem are not the deals, nor the price, but the idling (I know, it’s hard for me to say this out loud, but it’s a small first step towards cure).

Is there some road-warrior script to easily install a Tor relay server, with custom total bandwidth limit per month included? This way each server will have a purpose, while also idling and relaxing for the rest of the month.

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You should block LET, HB or cut your Internet during BF/CM :smiley:

Start working on strengthening your willpower :joy:

Hah! nonsense

Use one of your idling vps, install pi-hole, add LET and HB to the blocklist
I added porn list recently.


We don’t run ads here anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont install pi-hole on your VPS with a public IP. I tried that. :slight_smile:


Just use iptables wisely :slight_smile:

I will fix it later :slightly_smiling_face:
Hopefully no one find it.