I need some new reliable VPS

With total sadness I have to move out from Digital Ocean as fast as possible. Best service I’ve ever got but it’s getting expensive and out of my budget right now. I need 4 cores and at least 3GB RAM, plus 2 more servers with 1 core and 1GB RAM. Any ideas?

I’m thinking about Ramnode, Vapornode and Luna Node. What do you think?

Location: NYC, Dallas, Miami or something near.

How about getting a dedi and splitting it up?

For the 4 core you can go with drServer at $7/m (Dallas Incero)

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It’s my last option. I prefer to leave the hardware on the provider hands completely.

Have you used drServer? Long time?

I havent used them, but I havent heard anything bad from them either. Try them out, the price is pretty good.

When you say it’s “getting expensive” do you mean DO increased their prices or…? I honestly think it’ll be hard to find a better service in NA at their prices.

It’s getting expensive for me because I need more resources. I know I can get cheaper stuff somewhere else but I need the best uptime possible.

It sounds like you ran into that old 3 points on a triangle pick 2 problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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Our newer NVMe KVM line should have the dallas location activated this week if that will work? Hardware is being delivered monday.

Otherwise if seattle works it is available now.


I am a customer of the KVM NVME in Seattle and am looking forward to the Dallas location (best for my location). Seatle is proving very stable, I am very happy with the quality of his services. But I have a concern. The Dallas location has a notice on Status for several days: http://status.subnetlabs.com/

What is going on?

Oh we just forgot to close the issue out after we fixed it. Only took a few minutes for that server to come back up. Our mistake, will get that closed out on the status page.

Thanks for pointing it out.


Wow… a month long kernel panic. That’s some alphawoot-level shenanigans /s :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the a resource pool with Impact VPS a little while back that was kick-ass. Never had any issues with it. Didn’t have a need for it anymore so I cancelled it, but I’m looking forward to (hopefully) snagging it again this BF/CM at a promo price (and maybe another double credit promo? wink wink) since I have a use case for it again. Alex and company are good folks and would take care of you if you go with them :slight_smile:

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+1 with Impact VPS

The only feature I’m hoping they’ll have soon is Anycast ala BuyVM. @Awmusic12635, is there hope for this or is this something you’re not actively planning for?

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Perhaps at some point, though we are currently focused on bringing our new product line to all our existing locations

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Dallas KVM NvME will still be released this week?

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Shipment had some delays. Hopefully it will be up this weekend.


Hmm, whats this?


I want to! Link so that I can buy?

Ok it is available now: Portal Home - ImpactVPS | Impact Host Ltd.


@EHRA would you run Geekbench, please?

KVM4: https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/9537466

eva2000 did a very thorough analysis here: https://community.centminmod.com/threads/impact-vps-nvme-kvm-seattle-launch-50-off.15498/#post-66290

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