Hump day!

It’s Wednesday here in the future (GMT+10)… pissing down rain and no sign of any sun… typical Australian summer wet season.

What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

Fucking cold.

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Fucking hot.

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*touches your arm*

But enough about you…


Pretty much the same here in Australia V1, dark, cold and wet…

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how cold is cold for you?
Here it was actually ok for winter. I didn’t go out much. Just went to dentist and back.

Agreed. West coast? It’s fucking cold.

Right now, it’s all of -11c. Colder the more north you go, however.

Oh metric system thanks
for converting it for me.

Imma poke you in the eye.

At ukraine yesterday were -13°C (10.4°F) in the morning, I would say that only my balls were freezing, but it was my entire body.

Thankfully It’s only -2°C (28.4°F) today.

I freeze at 18º C

That isnt freezing cold tho.

It is for me.

That’s perfect weather for a day at the beach.


Subtropical climate here, you’d be called mad if you went to the beach in the middle of the winter (18C).


Quit braggin’

Crazy people.

I only go to the beach when it’s 35º C or more. Below 25 is cold.

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:open_mouth: you won’t catch my pasty ass on a beach if it’s that hot outside haha


It really depends for me… The Indian ocean is nice when it’s 25C, whilst the Atlantic ocean is still way too cold for my liking.