Anyone know this company/service?

I guess I won’t be buying…
They’re running a sale for their pro plan… but … not one single guy here knowing about them…

There’s been some mild drama in the last year involving these kinds of products. Privacy advocates have been a bit vocal against them, I’ve found myself having to reassure people that sensitive data is excluded, etc.

I’ve used Hotjar and Mouseflow before, they can be GDPR compliant. I like both products, but never herd of HumCommerce before … and their site doesn’t build up trust… by the way, they claim to be GDPR compliant.

EDIT: BTW I keep seeing people giving all their data to Google, Facebook and a myriad of other “free” social media services without blinking.

It’s all selective outrage. There was a good article about these, only reason interest picked up lol

Yeah, I love the outraged post about privacy in social media like Facebook and Twitter… just below their post with a photo of their family on a family gathering… ffks…

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Only 500 recordings on the $49/mo plan? You can get 300 recordings for free on Hotjar (which by the way it’s a great product).

Thing is, they are running a sale $49/lifetime for that PRO Plan.
And they have a wide range of features… but somehow I’m not comfortable…

Generate Heatmaps
Record Visitor Sessions
A/B Testing
Form Analytics
See Search Engine Keywords
Analyze User Flow
Funnel Reports
Custom Reports
Conversion Attribution
Visitor Log
Real Time Map
Sales Performance by Traffic
Product Performance
Category Performance
Sales Performance by Location
Days to Conversion
Automated Insights
Crawling Errors
Site Search Insights

I use the free plan of FullStory