How to Learn C++?

Where to learn C++ ?

I need to learn C++, tried to learn at Udemy, cplusplus, and other site but it’s so hard


  1. Why do you need to learn cpp?

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  3. The problem is likely that you are trying to teach yourself a language without a foundational understanding of computer science. I would recommend reading up on that before you go any further.

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C++ is a complicated language, is there any particular reason as to why you’ve chosen to learn it? I would recommend choosing something similar like Golang to begin with as it’s easier to get into.

Humm, someone told me that C++ is good for beginner

That person was a liar :wink: C++ isn’t an easy language to pick up. It’s obviously a great language to learn, but you’re going to have a hard time if it’s your first programming language. As @Yes suggested, you should flesh out your core understanding of computer science and programming methodologies first.


That said, if you do start off with C or Assembly even, any language is a piece of cake afterwards.


So how do i learn Algorithms ?
There’re too many resource in English, but my English is not good

Yeah, i learn C++ instead of C :v

I remember the first programming language I learned in school was C++… or PHP… or C++.

I don’t know.

And I don’t remember anything about C++ today.

Honestly, a common trait for good software developers (or any job role really) is eagerness and drive to learn, and ability to solve problems quickly, efficiently and independently.

That said, English would be a good start I guess.


And is it hard for you ?

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You won’t be able to learn it. You aren’t capable, at this moment.

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