How to configure Reply-to address?

Normally, when sending email from my domain email address, the recipient’s reply will be delivered to my sender email address.
What I would like to configure is add a Gmail address in Reply-to field so that whenever the recipient replies, I will receive email in my domain sender address as well as Gmail.

Send Email to Recipient-
From: [email protected]

Receive back Replied Email from Recipient-
To: [email protected], [email protected]

I can add 2 emails in “Reply-to” for each individual mail. But how can I configure this globally in Mxroute for my domain email correspondence?

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It has to be done each time by the software that is sending the email.

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Feature request: If it can be done globally in future without having to do each time.

In Roundcube?

All clients

There are two ways you can do it, Jarland already mentioned the first way is on each mail client that sends it, the 2nd option is to configure the mail server to modify the email header and add

I’ve not done it before but I know Postfix is able to modify the mail headers using header_checks that option is only possible if you self host since no provider is going to modify there mail server configs to add that.

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