How To Add a Search Bar to my WordPress Site?

Hello house,
I just stated using wisecp with hosting company, but i am having issue with how to integrate domain search bar from wisecp to my WordPress site.
pls your help will be highly appreciated.

Found this don’t know if it’s what your looking for - Ajax Domain Checker – WordPress plugin | English (UK) or this WP Domain Checker by asdqwedev | CodeCanyon if you are happy to pay.

You know in whmcs you easily add domain search bar to your site that will be integrated with your billing system using their wp plugin,
as well in logicbox you easily add domain search bar using their ajax domain filter search to your site, but the search result will redirect the user to your billing portal
that is exactly what i am looking for since i am using wisecp i wish to add domain search bar that will be linked to my wisecp clientarea

I am going to assume you never looked at WP Domain Checker then, as it does everything you explained

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ok let me try it

I looked at the title of the post and thought you wanted to add a search box.

Then I read the thread and understood that you wanted to add a DOMAIN search box.

Thank you Lord, for you have blessed me with a good reading ability.

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