How Much Do You Spend Each Month on Hosting?

As the title said, how much do you spend each month on VPS / Dedicated / Domain for personal use?

I just did some maths to find out how much I actually spent and the number is quite high, I never noticed I idled that much. I may need to cut down some soon (or if providers can cut down the price LOL), especially when 70% or more of that is idling, but most of them are just too good to let go :frowning:

  • Less than $10/m
  • $10-20/m
  • $20-30/m
  • $30-50/m
  • $50-70/m
  • $70-90/m
  • $90-120/m
  • $120-150/m
  • $150-180/m
  • $180-250/m
  • More than $250/m

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I don’t spend that much for personal use :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t know how you guys do it :frowning:

It is hard for me because all of my deals are really good deals. To make the calculation easier, let’s just consider the RAM. Almost all of them including dedis are < $1/m/GB

I totally forgot to factor in my Plex setup, so I’ve just changed my vote. Even if something is a good deal, if you don’t need it, don’t get it. A couple of decent dedicated servers should more than suffice for the majority of people.

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I understand your point, but sometimes the deals are extremely limited that you almost never saw it anywhere else… :frowning:

In my case, despite I spent about $90/m, I can’t really get a decent dedi in Singapore at this price.

I get that, but if you don’t need the resources, there’s no point in wasting money. Overall, you probably end up spending far more money on wasted resources than you would’ve done if you bought a server at a standard price.


I don’t care how many resources were wasted, as long as total cost is just under 5% of total revenue.

I don’t need all that much, anymore. I have a handful of toys, some production, but most of my money is still on various VPS vs bare metal, since I have pared down to few.