How Many ISPConfig or Virtualmin Users Can a Linode Base VM Handle?

I wish to do 1 and 2G accounts for Virtualmin or ISPconfig hosting with Linode India for people who wish to start WP or small sites.

I pick base dedicated CPU from Linode with following specs:
|4 GB RAM|
|2 CPU Cores|
|80 GB SSD Storage|
|4 TB Transfer|
|40 Gbps Network In|
|4000 Mbps Network Out|

I will get BuyVM VPS for free Blesta for billing.

How much users do you think I can put? How would it perform with 65-70 users with 1G accounts?

A single account can eat all of the resources.

It depends on the resources you assign each account.

What are the recommended settings? Which panel is best? ISPConfig or Virtualmin to put more users?

I find ISPconfig best just that it doesn’t come with file manager.

@decipher it seems like you’re trying to find the perfect recipe to start a successful shared hosting provider. The truth is, there is no one size fits all solution. You should research commonly used panels, pair these trials with various server offerings and see what works best for you. It’s impossible to give an exact number on the amount of users who will fit onto a specific server, since different users with different use-cases require different resources. This is where resource limiting comes in, but that’s a bit more technical.

Cpanel is the standard and has been for a long time. However, it’s highly probable that this will change due to their recent pricing structure change. DirectAdmin has been receiving a lot of praise since Cpanel’s pricing announcement, and has received a lot of quick development thanks to the heightened awareness.

If you are looking to start a hosting company, personally I would advise you to simply use reseller hosting provided by someone like BuyShared. They’ve done the research, they’ve got the technical expertise, and there isn’t much money in shared hosting unless you really know what you’re doing. This is just my opinion though, and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose to do :slight_smile:


What @Wolveix said^^ Reseller is a great way to start out. There is a actually a very memorable quote that I’d argue can be applied in your case but also in similar cases:

In the end it’s all about getting started :wink:

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how did you calculate 42?

@Wolveix @Ympker I would get reseller or directly from Buyshared only if they sold India.

We need India as a location hence looking to start something small with 1000 USD at first for 1st year including 1-man company registration and all.

Would ISPconfig be better or Virtualmin? I don’t think I can offer directadmin either for starters. It is 29 USD / month, with that month I can get another based dedicated CPU, so I would have two of those with different PHP memory settings.

I know I might not be making any money on this. But I want a solid hosting panel service in India with Linode as location because it is in centre [almost].

I want to start something like small web did. I am not sure if they used free licensing from BuyVM to proceed or even used reseller accounts from them. But it seems so.


Relax, you already have a budget that’s 10X of a summer host. Personally, I use ISPConfig and it works quite nicely (if you’d like to try it, let me know!) for what it is, especially with the relatively low memory footprint that it comes with.

but I want to know, how to manage the php memory limit, should I set it to 128M for each user? how does this work? how many users can I put on a 4G dedicated CPU Linode system?

For WordPress, 128MB should be enough. In terms of the Linode instance you mentioned, it’s hard to guess – how many websites are you planning on hosting? How many visitors will each receive? If every site is a personal blog with basically no traffic, you can probably host a hundred and be fine. If one is particularly popular, it could max out the system’s resources.

Yes, I wish to give 50 1G accounts on base Linode dedicated CPU or 30 2G accounts.

What settings do you recommend? Is it even thinkable? Also should I limit domains / account to 1 or 2? What about subdomains?

re-read what @Wolveix said in his first paragraph

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Thanks all.

If the Directadmin’s new LITE license is low cost and works for my needs, I would go for it.