Hottest And Completely Bonkers Deals By VirMach. Psychotic Giveaway + Fireworks Caught This Thread On Fire + New Year Free VPS

Happy new year! For 2021, we’ll be giving away free services for the entire year of 2021. One day only (January 1, 2021.) To reduce abuse, we will only be providing this for “active” customers. If you’ve been a member of HostedTalk for all of 2020, feel free to private message us here as well to get one of these offers if you are not currently a customer.

Special Offers

Get 100% off for the first year of any of the listed services on this page, while supplies last. Please try to order the package you will actually utilize and not just the largest package.

This will re-occur in most cases by default so just remember to cancel it in advance. We rebill 72 hours in advance before the next term. Please don’t forget to read the special offer terms and our terms of service. Let us know if you have any questions on this thread.

This offer is exclusive for HostedTalk members. We reserve the right to cancel your service (with at least one week’s notice) should we suspect abuse.

We may ask for a private message to avoid cancellation, thanks for understanding.

We also have some hardware we can’t really use anymore so we’ll pick out a few people here on this thread and ship them a prize or something so we can complete this parody thread. Probably incorrectly-sized SSDs, an entire older server, flash drives, some random processor, keyboard, maybe the VirMach logo from our office, who knows.

Bonus hint: if you want to end up maybe getting migrated halfway through the year to a nicer colocated server in a subjectively nicer datacenter with a better network blend, pick Los Angeles.

(Edit) Oh and the promo code… HOSTEDTALK


any chance shipping to Turkey :sweat_smile:

Happy New Year VirMach
From a bot

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I’m neither a bot or sus.


Nice offers. Happy New Year!!!

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Sure, if you win a prize. We don’t mind paying more for the shipping than the item. We won’t ask for anyone’s country before handing them out. Well I mean you did kind of rat yourself out… but I won’t tell.

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well, doesn’t honesty win? :smile: .

anyway, thanks for your kindness.

Nice to see Virmach posting here.

Completely bonkers! Off the heazy, as they say.

Glad to see you here, @VirMach. Hope 2021 treats you well.

Probably won’t claim any of the free services as then I’ll feel bad about idling them. Already got the $8.88 special when the flash sales first started, so I don’t feel bad about idling that for as long as I need to till I find a use :wink:

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Am I a member now? Did we move? I must have drank too much I don’t remember how we got here…

Happy Birthday Earth!


Whatever it is, maybe VirMach should reduce the intensity of the flash sales to prevent the additional amount of admin works required after the event like now.

Hope rewards mentioned in this thread didn’t take forever to resolve.

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Happy New Year VirMach! Did I smell some Ryzens?

Happy New Year! Thanks for offering great deals.

I totally missed the big Dallas BF deal I was hoping to catch… :sleeping:

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see VirMach here! Happy new year :slight_smile:

Happy New Year @VirMach. Thank you for the opportunity.

Oh wow, it’s such a surprise to see VirMach in this community!

And it’s amusing to see some folks coming out again for this thread.

Oh wait, that includes me! :rofl:


So sad I just found about this forum and joined a couple days ago. Happy New year and this was an Amazing offer :slight_smile:

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I had asked them to show up here some in previous years when I was busy copying the flash deals and stuff and I know they created an account at least then. Good to see them active :slight_smile:

Hope you have a wonderful year 2021 Virmach, I’ve still got a number of services active from previous years and have no problems with them

Hey thank you so much for offering this! Am I missing something though? How do I claim this, is there a coupon code or ticket? Or just by posting here? I am an active customer and logged in but it looks like the normal check out page. Sorry if I missed anything. also would like to sign up for any of the giveaways :slight_smile:

I know I still have a few hours left for the free year, and I’m still contemplating on taking advantage of it cause I do have a use case for it but I know my procrastinating skills will idle that server for half a year! :sweat_smile:

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