-> Dedicated/Bare-Metal Black Friday warm-up Server deal has a simple aim. We provide our customers with high quality servers but keep prices down. We own our Hardware and Network in Lelystad, Netherlands and have an average ticket response time of around 45min-1h at most of the time
Our goals are to offer our valued clients a great experience and offer the best Affordable and most Reliable Hosting arround. We are constantly and rapidly growing.

Why HostSlick?

  • Wide range of Payment methods accepted
  • Own Hardware, Network in The Netherlands.
  • Network based on industry-leading Juniper & Cisco Equipment
  • Support On-Site for Emergencies 24x7
  • 24x7 Monitored
  • Friendly Sales/Support Staff.
  • Free IP Announcements (Have an IP range? We will announce it with NO FEE on our Cisco - Router and ASN!)
  • Long-Term running business since more then 5 years. We will not leave the market anytime soon (Guaranteed!)
  • Deep Discounts for interested Dedicated-Server resellers.
  • No hidden extra costs. No Bandwidth overcharges. Once reached, we will contact you with choices to Upgrade.

Every Dedicated Server includes

  • 1Gbit Uplink. 25TB Non-overbooked Traffic. More can be configured upon Order
  • Permanent KVM-over-IP (HP ILO4 Advanced)
  • Bandwidth Graph
  • Automated Re-Installs
  • Control Panel with API to control your Server
  • Non-overbooked Network

Black-Friday 2021 Warm-up Dedicated Server
Intel Xeon E5-2643
4cores, 8 threads @3,50Ghz
25TB Bandwidth
1x IPv4 and IPv6

Location: The Netherlands

19.99€/month billed quaterly - NO SETUP!
Monthly options possible.

Included by standard on this deal as well as our other Servers:

  • Automated OS Reinstall via SynergyCP Control Panel
  • Full ILO4 Advanced/IPMI can be accessed via our Control Panel also.
  • Any OS Possible.
  • Free Subnet announcements (ipv4 or ipv6) of your own subnets possible also.
  • Awesome 99% Uptime and 24x7 Support.

Monthly billing €19.99EUR + €9.99EUR Setup Fee
Quaterly billing €19.99EUR per month


30% off on all listed at website. COUPON: BFWARMUP30

Website only lists those who are in stock and is always updated - if you need other Spec please contact us and we will see if we can do something

Test IP
Datacenter: Lelystad, Netherlands (Alticom Media Tower)
Test File:
Ping IP:

Payment Methods
Credit Card
SEPA Bank Transfer

HostSlick Product-Portfolio
Shared Hosting (DirectAdmin)
Dedicated Servers
Custom Deals - Contact

Side Notes

  • On this thread, price is ex. VAT.
  • Fixed price 19,99€/month billed quarterly - do not negotiate.
  • Hosting illegal content against Dutch or German law is not allowed. Check our ToS and if you have questions, contact us.

Need a higher spec dedicated server or want other good deals? - Wait for Black Friday! :smile:
But please note this is limited stock and this kind of deal wont be offered later on BF :smile:

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aww man missed it.

Hmm… will we see offers that have 16GB of RAM with a decent CPU, and with maybe 2x1-2TB HDDs for 20 euros/month, for instance?

I don’t even think SoYouStart even offers this (minus playing the “HDD Lottery” on their 500GB HDD N2800 configs). The cheapest I seen such a config is generally gonna rings you up $35-$45/mo with between 8GB to 16GB of RAM.

Are you high? Check out OneProvider/Kimsufi. It sounds like you have no clue what you’re talking about…

I would appreciate if you cease being rude to me. I simply forgotten about OneProvider’s recent deals. We are all humans and simply forget sometimes.

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