Hostmantis - DirectAdmin Plans Now Available!

After many, many requests, DirectAdmin shared and reseller plans are now available!

What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is an additional control panel that is considered a cost effective alternative to cPanel and therefore has lower pricing than our cPanel plans.

Why offer DirectAdmin?

Since cPanel has chosen to charge per account, it has increased our overall costs and therefore those costs had to be passed on to our clients. DirectAdmin does not charge per account, so we can pass the cost savings on to our clients and offer lower cost plans with DIrectAdmin than with cPanel.

DirectAdmin shared hosting plans:

DirectAdmin reseller hosting plans:

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Seems JetBackup is listed with their DA plans?
I thought that was still in the works … :slight_smile:

@aaronstuder are you actually affiliated with HostMantis (honest question; no offense at all intended) ?

I learned about them from you. You are the one that convinced me to try them :crazy_face:I am not affiliated in any way besides the fact that I resell their product

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Gotcha! Was just thinking maybe, given how OP was phrased. Nice alternate offer :slight_smile:

Not available yet