Hosting/serving videos offsite/Vimeo'ish self-hosted

Howdy dudes and dudettes! :smiley:
I’m running quite a few Wordpress (and other) sites. On some of these, we’ve been hosting videos on Vimeo and just embedding them on the site itself.

I’m thinking I’d like to keep the videos off the shared hosting and maybe self-host them on a VPS. So, sort of looking for a self hosted alternative to Vimeo.

Saying sort of as I/we don’t really need all the comments functionality and such. But an interface for uploading and then sharing/embedding would be nice.

Any suggestions as to what software I should check out? :slight_smile:

(Another option of course would be using BunnyCDN or similar, but I want to explore this self hosted path first, I think.) maybe?

Not used it myself though.


Looks promising. Had only found PeerTube myself … :slight_smile:

Maybe you can do a bit of pick and choose what you want out of a specific platform?

MediaCMS like what @Mr_Tom wrote looks god.

There’s also Kaltura, MediaDrop, NodeTube, etc.

But if you don’t want to handle all of that, can’t you just host the video on a web server and put flowplayer/jwplayer in front of it?


Great questions, I don’t know yet what would be best, as I haven’t really used flowplayer/jwplayer either. :slight_smile:
This just became more of a question, as one of our site’s free Vimeo space is almost filled up. :sunglasses:
(Working with non-profits and people with not too much money :sweat_smile: …)

If budget is tight, I dunno how much storage you need but would vimeos paid plans would out cheaper?

But depending on how much “admin interface” is required you could just upload the video files and stream via a player or <video> tag


Yeah honestly this is what i agree with. Also don’t forget that there’s still a cost associated with expert knowledge solicitation. Assuming you’re donating your time to help them out (which is what it sounds like) but wanting to maintain reliability after you leave, it might just be easier/prudent to look into the full scale of the costs.

Vimeo’s biggest benefit is that you have guaranteed access to their support people for their monthly fee. Going with a server + any of these solutions (or even just uploading to a web server) means if shit hits the fan and you’re unavailable, they’re probably going to have to pay more money to fix these things.

Even then, it seems like cost of Vimeo’s plans are fairly comparable in cost to running your own server. 7 dollars a month (if you pay yearly) already comes with 5GB/week storage space + guaranteed support. You might save a few dollars here and there by rolling out your own solution, but this seems like guaranteed scaling (if your content hosting scales linearly that is…)

Really depends on your client’s usecase and their needs. I 100% understand being a nonprofit and not having a whole lot of money available to operate can be a concern, but one of the non-profits I support pays for Squarespace (12 dollars a month) even though there are so many people working in tech (hosting, web development, etc.) donating their time.

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I’ve got some nice deals on VPSes (yes, less than $7), and have the power and space and traffic available for testing, and it would possibly benefit multiple clients (saving multiple Vimeo memberships).
Also, there’s a larger goal of testing live streaming platforms, and if self-hosting could work, Vimeo’s live streaming option is quite expensive.
So I do want to test this … If it doesn’t work out, I gave it a try.
(And yes, my time is what I donate quite a bit of, so hopefully the testing will be fun.) :sunglasses:

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Haha fair enough well then best of luck!

Haha yeah well I mean most of us here have access to some great hosting pricings that we can probably scale our unit monthly costs (to a comparable VPS plan) down to less than 7 dollars. But I still figured that would factor into the equation for a non-profit agency.

Anyways best of luck! If you find a good solution beyond nginx + RTMP module let me know! I’d love to build my own streaming solution that’s just offloads the software requirement from manual configuration to something a bit more “packaged”.

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If you don’t get a huge amount of traffic, just put the video file between html video tags, and you’re done - that’s what I do, that’s all there is to basic self-hosting. Otherwise look into third-pary hosting on the usual suspects.

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Well, kinda wanted to get the traffic off the shared webhost, and onto my VPSes with plenty of monthly TB’s included. :slight_smile:
Got plenty of stuff to test so far. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure, if Veno File Manager allows public sharing/embedding of videos, but I really liked it when I used it. Purchased on Codecanyon years ago and it still gets updated to date.

You could probably just ask support/in the comment section to get an answer to that :wink:
Haven’t used it in a long while but it was good when I used it.

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