Hosting-Related Domains for Sale! (Make an Offer)


I have a couple of domains I want to sell as I no longer have any plans to bring them to use. Please note that all are MAKE OFFER domain. I will consider a decent reasonable offer (of course above $10 please)

Payment via Paypal or Cryptocurrencies accepted.

Domain Name Purpose
IndonesiaVPS (.d0t.) com+net+org Good for SEO
MexicoVPS (.d0t.) com Good for SEO
AllAboutVPS (.d0t.) com Pretty self-explanatory
NetworkCrunch (.d0t.) com IT/Networking related resource site?
LinxServer (.d0t.) com LINX can be London IX?
GraphicVM (.d0t.) com VPS with GPU?
WebSecurer (.d0t.) com WAF/DDoS protection service
AyeIT (.d0t.) com IT Consultancy/Agency
AuxIP (.d0t.) com Auxiliary IP?
RichRack (.d0t.) com Racks for the rich? :s
IndiaVPS (.d0t.) net Good for SEO
PolandVPS (.d0t.) net Good for SEO
SerbiaVPS (.d0t.) net Good for SEO
TaiwanVPS (.d0t.) org Good for SEO
TurkeyVPS (.d0t.) net Good for SEO

I still have a couple of more domain names which are not related to hosting industry, if interested please have a look at them:

Domain Name Purpose
AceFad (.d0t.) com Related to viral/fad
CryptoLiar (.d0t.) com Cryptocurrency scam reporting site
EcoNod (.d0t.) com Economic/Ecology/Environmental site
FeetPainCure (.d0t.) com Good for SEO - writing articles on curing feet pain
NeomScape (.d0t.) com NEOM related
ReBoast (.d0t.) com You wanna boast about something
SeedSnipe (.d0t.) com Related to seed funding news or maybe gardening
TheLibraTalk (.d0t.) com+net+org Facebook’s Libra currency discussion board
Zigiy (.d0t.) com A funny & memorable name
Fugator (.d0t.) com A funny & memorable name
CuzBy (.d0t.) com A memorable name
PotentReality (.d0t.) com A strong meaningful name to denote one’s vision & reality
TripleAdvisor (.d0t.) com Financial Advisory Firm

The following are SquadHelp premium domains and they include a logo designed by a professional designer

Domain Name Purpose Short 4 character domain name adjective. serving or able to adapt; showing or contributing to adaptation: the adaptive coloring of a chameleon. can mean something to someone Got Bun?

I have one 2 letter domain left
NJ (.d0t.) LC - 2 letter domains are kind of rare and it can be used for a lot of purposes especially shortening of links. Renewal fees of .lc domains are approx $30/yr
(Please consider offering in atleast 3 figures for this domain name)


anything related to WordPress in your portfolio ?

Not exactly related to Wordpress but there are few brandable ones:

AyeIT (.d0t.) com - Say Yes to IT?
AceFad (.d0t.) com - Top Fad?
CryptoLiar (.d0t.) com - A cryptocurrency scam reporting site?
EcoNod (.d0t.) com - Economic/Ecology/Environmental site?
FeetPainCure (.d0t.) com - Good for SEO - writing articles on curing feet pain
GotBun (.d0t.) com - A funny/jokes site?
NeomScape (.d0t.) com - ?
ReBoast (.d0t.) com - Not an actual word by you wanna boast about something?
SeedSnipe (.d0t.) com - Can be related to seed funding news or maybe gardening?
TheLibraTalk (.d0t.) com+net+org - Facebook’s Libra currency discussion board?
WebSecurer (.d0t.) com - A WAF based service?
ZigEye (.d0t.) com - ???
Zigiy (.d0t.) com - A funny & memorable name

I updated the original post with more non-hosting related domain names

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$12 for NetworkCrunch(.d0t.)com

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I like it, up for $10 ? :smiley:
Edit… $10.1
Edit 2… fine … $11
Edit 3 Please?

Thank you for your interest in the domain name. I have messaged you.

:smiley: lets discuss it privately :smiley:

I have added few more domains to the list as well as a premium two letter domain name: NL.LC and removed one domain from the list as it has been sold!

$7 pls

Sir, I’ll sell it to you $700 :slight_smile:

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