HostedTalk is a political sanctuary

I want to be very clear here about my intentions, goals, and how I have always meant to manage HostedTalk.

HostedTalk is a political sanctuary. It’s not about censorship, though you’re free to call it that. It’s merely this: Politics has become the most volatile and damaging topic of discussion. It draws lines, and it makes us fight. It accomplishes the desires of people who try to control us with the television.

There is no shortage of places available to discuss politics. In fact, I will provide platforms that you can use to spread your political values regardless of whether I agree with them. But this one community, which has no relation to politics whatsoever, will not be divided and destroyed by political discourse. Politics are banned not so that we can feel restricted but also feel comfortable and empowered to be a community. I want us to leave our pitchforks outside of the door, let our guard down, and gather around a love for the hosting industry and all that relates to it.

You can call it censorship, and you’ll probably piss me off if I’m putting all of my cards on the table. Because while it’s not an entirely factually inaccurate use of the word, it glosses over a surprising amount of context. Especially when you consider just how many venues you have to discuss politics and are fully aware of how badly it damages communities, families, and other relationships.

If you want a free speech platform to discuss politics, there are many available. I’ll even provide some myself:

And there are some well known ones that cater to one end of the political spectrum or another:




Racist: (just kidding it’s dead)

But this place, HostedTalk, is sacred ground. You leave your shoes at the door, you don’t track mud in here. I’m not claiming to be perfect, I’m not saying I haven’t made mistakes by my own rules, but help me see it and I’ll enforce it on myself just the same.

Thanks, friends :heart: