HostDoc vs ReliableSite - LA Shutdown Imminent

This is as bad as an announcement can get, but we are here now and it looks like there is no resolution on the horizon.

ReliableSite, our service provider for our LA server have done the unthinkable and we will soon no longer be able to offer a service out of LA via ReliableSite.

ReliableSite was recently contacted by ourselves. The purpose for making contact was to see the possibility of acquiring their Ryzen 3900X as a replacement for the current i9 and moving our subnet over.
The subnet in question is ours and leased directly from another provider, yet, RS wanted to charge us $2/IP for the move.! This began a dispute.
They refused to read the tickets fully and kept offering canned responses until they totally stopped responding at all.

Further contact was attempted via discord and Skype. They blocked both.

We now have reason to believe the relationship with RS will not be a long lasting one as it has been with all of our previous providers and as such, a shutdown of the LA service seems imminent if a replacement cannot be found in a short time from an alternative provider.

We have been taking backups all day and this may have been noticed from the undesirable high load for most of the day while also combating an unseen amount of abuse on the server.

As of now, a full refund is being offered to all LA clients because it is inevitable there will be a disruption to the service.
Please note, we did everything in our power to avoid this and for taking reactive precautions, RS said we were ranting and blocked all communication channels.

We shall continue trying to source an immediate similar or better replacement for LA, however, our v4 and v6 subnets still have to be moved and re-announced and this may take a few days.
We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this has so far caused and will further cause to our clients.
Emergency placement in any of our other available locations is available if needed if there are adequate resources available. Dallas and Singapore are not an option unfortunately.

Once again, a full refund is offered for all clients from November.
Clients who have had a service since November will be entitled to a full refund of their entire payments.
Clients whose services started before November and have annual plans will get a pro-rata refund from November.

This announcement serves as a notice to immediately take your own backups also.
We are taking backups but cannot guarantee all will be available in time. We cannot backup Windows instances.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and we aim to rectify this asap.
HostDoc Hosting Team

Assuming the subnet to be /23, so all this for $1024?

Need to know the other side from ReliableSite

Finally, drama time!


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Not really my business but I couldn’t help thinking: was keeping the i9 not one thing that could be done to prevent it?


I like the way how it starts mentioning ReliableSite.

I don’t like RS, but blaming them for everything does not sound good.


What s wrong with them? Which better alternative do you have for USA dedicated?

Actually nothing related with their services. I just don’t like his sale techniques.

Not sure if better because I haven’t use RS services, but I use Incero for reliable stuff.

Thanks @imok ! You mean hivelocity isnot it? Thanks once again for the suggestion! Kind regards