HongKong VPS suggestions?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a HongKong located VPS, any provider suggestion? Many thanks in advance.

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Cheapest is OneProvider, but also crappy international Routing.

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OK thanks, I will check those providers.

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NetActuate has been solid for us. https://netactuate.com/

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HostHongKong (randvegeta on LowEndTalk)

On dnstools.ws I’m using a WebHorizon NAT VPS.

HostHatch have servers in Hong Kong too (Equinix HK2) but they’re only very cheap during their sales such as on Black Friday.


Thanks, I’m researching on the way

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Sugarhosts - very good and stable.

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I’ve used pqhosting in HK but I’m not sure about their routing. They have a looking glass somewhere

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Finally I bought a NAT-VPS (IPv6) on webhorizon.in which offers HK hosting, 512RAM for only $12/year, the speed seems fine.

Nice necro.

You can try webhorizon and oneprovider

Have you considering something cheaper, than a 20$/m overpriced, outdated, OVZ box?
I rather spend 5$ on a HK VPS and 15$/m on Hookers.

Have you found your HK VPS yet? :smiley: since its been 4 months now haha

Anyways, HostHongKong is good & stable. They have a separate brand here: Hong Kong VPS - VPSBit

We have some nice VPS offers (including NAT) at MLNL.HOST: [MLNL.Host] - Hong Kong & UK VPS inc. NAT | Instant Setup | from $2.5/month - Offers - HostedTalk

Only listed some plans on the thread however we have more on the site. If you need anything custom I can work something out too.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: