Homelab KVM Mangement Panels

I’ve built up a smallish server for a homelab and I’m looking for tips or suggestions on splitting it up into smaller nodes. I could run docker/k8s on it and manage the containers but there’s a lot of software I’d like to run that doesn’t behave well in docker and I’d rather just virtualize it with other options. The CPU is VT-D capable, and I’ve done a lot with libvirt/QEMU but I’d like to reduce the management overhead. Is Virtualizor a good panel? I don’t mind the small fee, I’m open to spending a little money if it reduces the amount of babysitting time.

So, are there some good guides/hints/panels that I can research? Not looking for a ClosetDC, this is just for some internal use. (Plex, Katello, CI/CD, git and what ever else comes along.)

Virtualizor is awesome. Works out of the box.


Thanks, looks like it does IPv6 as well, that’s very nice. I have a /56 to my location and I’d like to give each VPS a /64.

It can definitely do that. https://www.virtualizor.com/wiki/IPv6_Subnets

I’ve been a fan of Proxmox since picking it up a year or so ago. Free and easy to use for the most part.

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I checked out Proxmox and even got so far as trying the installation. The thing that put me off on it was the Debian-based OS. I pretty much run everything I can on CentOS/RHEL and manage patches for all my nodes outside of the lab via Foreman/Katello.

I like that its free for most use, and the lowest support tier is comparable in price to what I’d spend on Virtualizor.

Speaking of free things, you can run Virtualizor for… 3 days, I think? without a license.

Ahh, I see. I’m the opposite. Debian all day and night, CentOS only if I have to :stuck_out_tongue:


CentOS only if I have a gun to my head…

Proxmox is great, been running it for years, but if the base OS is a hangup you could look at XenServer - and more specifically the new XCP-NG version which is removing Citrix from the equation. https://xcp-ng.org/

Which you could combine with Xen-Orchestra ✦ Web Interface for XenServer for the actual management part, or the other xen management software out there.


Heh, so I need to get over my Debian discrimination. :laughing: I’ll take another look at Proxmox, and evaluate what I can do with it.

I mean, I’m sure there are many other here who will back me up in saying that for a homelab (unless you’re going down the path of libvirt + virtmanager) Proxmox is king, regardless of your CentOS-based predilections :wink:

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I’ve tried it again and it’s been good. Things like PCI-Passthough are really nice to have, and it’s matured a lot since I last tried it. Since it self-manages for the most part I guess it doesn’t have to really be CentOS. I have to learn to be a bit more flexible, right tool for the right job.

Can it do PCI-Passthrough in the webUI now?

If it can I can’t find that section. It’s all kernel flags and for the GPU there’s the usual module blacklisting. But there’s some really good documentation and I’ve done it a few times on my personal system for KVMs.

Edit: PCI Passthrough - Proxmox VE

I know editing the Proxmox VM configs to add a GPU requires about 2 lines of code. I hope one day they’ll include it in the WebUI. Just checked my dev server which I think is up to date, and can’t see anything there.

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try using vmware esxi free.
use it on my “homelab” servers: What is a vSphere Hypervisor? | Free Hypervisor | VMware
that run from plex to other projects as well.

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