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Right now I am using a cobbled together old desktop computer with 4gb RAM and an AMD Phenom™ II X2 555 Processor running openmediavault. My main desktop runs my plex. I would like to move plex off my main PC and onto a serve. In house there is no transcoding and at most 2 streams at once. The only other user is my sister and she only watches a few movies a month transcoded to 720p, internet up here is capped at 10mbps. I would also like to use the server for other things; file storage, docker containers, etc. I have been looking at Dell R210 II and R410 with around 24gb Ram. Anything else I should be looking at or something else you would recommend?


I love those little machines. Get one or two gen old ones and they can be had for cheap.

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Newegg runs deals on refurbed desktops all the time for around .$100. They’re usually Dell’s and they should be more than adequate for your needs.

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Take a look at the HP Microserver Gen 8, only goes up to 16Gb but cheap to buy and run and you can take the processor up to a Xeon.

Those Dell R series are so highly configurable that there is no telling what hardware you are looking at. It pretty much just explains the form factor only :stuck_out_tongue:

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