Home Network Tunneling?

Im pondering the idea of piping my home servers traffic to a OVH VPS for the sake of IP’s. My ping to OVH BHS is ~20ms so im not to worried about speed.

is this a Good/Bad Idea?

Does anyone have experience with this and willing to give some pointers and/or share your setup.?


I dunno, don’t ever lock yourself to a single IP location- make sure you have at least one (or two) backups.

Buy a router that is decently supported with LEDE. Install OpenVPN on both sides. Done.

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Whats the reason for multiple IP locations?

Single point of transit goes down. Now what?

Oh, I see what you mean. I was thinking the actual IP geolocation.

That’s significantly less important than “Oh shit my whitelist is down- NOW WHAT.”

Yeah, Definitely wouldn’t be good.

Keep in mind that you may run into issues with geolocation. The OVH IP will have a geolocation of Canada and that could cause issues if you are trying to use anything that is geolocked to US IP addresses.

Many services also have blocks against OVH to prevent spam, and proxy usage.

Great points. Thanks guys.

I am not too worried about the health of the IP’s as I’m not really using this as an VPN, more just a method of getting statically assigned IP’s on my home network. I also wouldn’t be using this on my entire home network, Just on the server’s private network so they can get their own statically assigned IP(s).

I’m not completely sure if it will work as I am hoping but ill give it a shot, Learning as I go =D.

Not sure if this aligns with your intended purpose or not, but I have a dynamic ip for my home but use a dns entry to always point to it (e.g. homenet.domain.tld).

I just have a server at home run a script every 5 min to check the ip. If it differs, then it uses cloudflare api to update the record.

This wouldn’t give you a static IP per se, but at least has a domain always pointing to your home net.

I’m routing a /26 to home out of my /24. Super useful for assigning to VMs. If you’ve got some OVH IPs and they won’t take them back, I don’t see why not!

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I’ve done something similar before with OpenVPN on a DDoS-protected VPS that my machine at home connected to, then I had Nginx in front to reverse proxy traffic through the OpenVPN internal IP and back to my local machine.

Not quite what I think you want to do, but can be useful for running personal self hosted software and stuff.

This works as well, as long as your ISP doesn’t prohibit running servers and closely monitor/straight up block inbound standard ports (80/443/etc)

Yeah, Dynamic DNS right? Ive used it before, Im more looking at ways to get more IP’s on my home network. I have multiple servers sitting in my basement waiting to be using but I would like to get IP’s assigned to them to make it easier to manage.

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=D Exactly! How are you routing them? Your ISP allows it? Or are you using a VPN?

Pretty much the same, just using cloudflare → GitHub - thatjpk/cloudflare-ddns: Script for dynamically updating a CloudFlare DNS record. (Deprecated). Not suited for multiple ips though :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it too late to be a smartass and suggest you get a NAT box with @Cam?



Im mostly confused with…,

If I route my servers traffic through the VPN on OVH, do I just assign those IP’s in ifconfig and it will work? (Theoretically)?

Haha, Once I get ALL my DBD boxes setup. =D

You mean that you want to take some OVH addresses and tunnel them to home to expose your home network externally?

See ya half past never.