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I am currently looking to create a reverse DNS entry but our mail server is based on a home network connected a 10gb/s (yes I know it’s not common for a home network but yeah…) I am not willing to move it to a VM in a data center or even the dedi that hosts our website.

So I was wondering if it’s possible to create a Reverse DNS (PTR) record easily (i saw things with bind9 but I simply want 1 DNS record).
Is there any way to do it I googled it but yeah… it’s not very effective of course I take any links!

Thanks for your help c:!

Do you own your IP? If not, work with your DC :slight_smile:

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As @SERIESN says, unless you own the IP you might not be able to adjust the PTR record for it from your name servers.

If it’s a business ISP they should let you change it - my home ISP allows me to set the PTR record for my IP.

If it’s about delivery of mail, you could relay through a VPS which has a PTR record set, without moving the whole mail server - or relay through SES/Mailchannels/etc.

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So let me guess.
salt in north of ch maybe zrh :wink:

If such is the case it makes me jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

My wild guess it’s that it’s residential.

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If its Salt, they would need to set the rDNS, i doubt that they will do that. :wink:
Swisscom does offer it if you have a Business Line.

And as @Mr_Tom said, a relay over a VPS might be a good idea or moving it to a DC to improve Uptime and Stability;)

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Surely if a residential ISP is willing to give you 10G they’d also be able to provide rDNS :slight_smile: So I’d say contact them

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Thanks for all your replies.
I will try to contact my ISP.

I don’t want to move this R720XD because it’s really pretty useful at my brothers home. We have full redudancy with a few UPS and we have 2 servers in it one is not one of ours so yeah… It’s mainly network uptime i guess XD

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But yeah i hesitate to switch totally the mail system to the DC.

And there is no need to. As @Mr_Tom indicated it is quite possible, and rather easy to relay via a VPS which would indeed have the ability to properly set a PTR record.

You could even set it up so that ONLY the outgoing email goes through the relay … just in case that eases some concerns.

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Yeah, that’s the way I would do it if you can’t get a PTR record set, just send outgoing mail via a relay. You can even limit it based on who the email is going to, for example if sending to an outlook address, use X relay, etc.

Yep. Just use SendGrid or SES or something

Finnaly i simply moved the machine to the DC was easier for my use c: Thanks for all the advices and all the help ! A lot of good ideas c: !

@ruben yush salt was used on this machine.

But we can assure 100% uptime on it because we have multiple UPS’s in this appartement and their is a few advantages with this mainly the connection speed c: but we are planning to move all our machines to a DC soon (all the ones in zurich)