HO-OST US KVM l 1GB £2.45M & 2GB £3.50/M (IPv4 + IPv6)

Our offer is back with a extra bonus discount for members of HostBalls. Enjoy.

Chicago, Illinois Looking Glass: lg-ch.ho-ost.com
Asheville, North Carolina Looking Glass: lg-nc.ho-ost.com


  • 1GB DDR3 Dedicated RAM
  • 25GB HDD Storage Space
  • 1x E5-2620 CPU @ 2.00GHz
  • 1TB Monthly Transfer 1Gbps
Order in Chicago, IL for £2.45/M (Approx $3.41) Code: 1BALLS

Order in Asheville, NC for £2.45/M (Approx $3.41) Code: 1BALLS



  • 2GB DDR3 Dedicated RAM
  • 50GB HDD Storage Space
  • 2x E5-2620 CPU @ 2.00GHz
  • 2TB Monthly Transfer 1Gbps
Order in Chicago, IL for £3.50/Month (Approx $4.87) Code: 2BALLS - Asheville is still out of stock.

Additional IPv4 is available at $2/Month per IP address. Justification is required. Additional IPv6 is available for free, just put in a ticket requesting how many IPv6 you require. We set a limit of 75% per core, and do not recommend use for systems that require a dedicated core. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, subject to our Terms of Service not being broken. Our uptime guarantee is always 99.99% | View Uptime

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Virtual-1 appears to be out of stock in both Chicago and Asheville. Any time frame on when they may be available again?

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I’m seeing it now, thanks :smile:

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Love my ho-ost nodes!

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Guess what, @MichaelCee? I can tag you now! Screw the ancient Vanilla install on LET.

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Oh god what will I do with another one?

Are you stable enough for a nameserver?

How about your keyboard?

More than stable enough, Michael even emailed me when we had a runaway process that rebooted the node. He asked to be sure it wasn’t the node rebooting but something we did ourselves.


What keyboard do you need? Can I buy it for you?

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I don’t need you throwing an init S when I want an init 6.



I’m up for it.

Also, highlight what you want to quote, and click “reply”.

Sorry bro. Sometimes learning is hard.

Sometimes click looks like dick at a glance… maybe i need glasses

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Excellent naming of the coupon codes :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’ve updated our promotional codes for 1 and 2GB servers due to an currency conversion error. Instead of a price override, it will now apply a 30% recurring discount.

That means that Virtual-1 is actually only £2.45 and Virtual-2 is only £3.50! (Repost I know)

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Per OP’s request