Hivelocity - Some Random Servers I can give special pricing on

Good Afternoon Ballers,
Below is a screenshot of some random servers we have in Atlanta, Miami, New York City and Seattle that are non-conforming to our Instant Deploy Servers. I am able to make special pricing on these servers before I tear them down and go through the effort of rebuilding them into a standard config. If you see something you like, DM me and let’s make a deal.


How much for that dual E5 in NY ?

12 month discount ?

pricing in your inbox.

Even trought i am not intressted for now in US but could i get the price for the AMD EPYC and the e5 1620 v3? thanks C:

Sure, check your inbox.

BTW, any server that has multiple drives but does not list a RAID card can have Software RAID implemented.

Price for the one with 32gb in Miami?

Check your inbox.

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hi, can I get the price on the NY e3-1240 v1, the Seattle.Atlanta e3-1230 v6, ahd the miami e3-1230 v2? thanks :slight_smile:

Can you PM me prices for anything left in NY?

16 GB RAM Server price

I am not able to DM you.

In your inbox.

Can I get the pricing for the E3-1230 V2?

check your inbox

I think I won’t ever get a better deal than my E3 for $55 in Dallas :sweat_smile:



@jarland see? nobody likes “hostedtalkers”


All of our servers include IPMI access over our private network. Each server includes a /29 of IPs with additional IPs available for purchase for $1/mo per IP. Additional IPs can be acquired via the management interface we provide, myVelocity. Servers include a minimum of 10TB bandwidth on a 1Gbps port. Dual E5 and Sliver Xeons include 100TB.

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plz share me the pricing too!

I have replied to your DM.

How much for E-2176G in Miami?
How much for E3-1230 V2 in Miami?

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What the pricing for the server’s available in NYC.