Hivelocity or Choopa VPS Providers

Hello, I’m looking for VPS providers that use Choopa or Hivelocity DCS.
Already using Vapornode (they use Hivelocity and they are awesome) but I’m searching for alternatives.

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Have you tried SparkNode? It’s owned by Hivelocity.


SparkNode → Hivelocity’s VPS brand
Vultr → Choopa’s VPS brand

ImpactVPS (@Awmusic12635) → Incero (Hivelocity)


The fact that I am seeing more of @HIVELOCITY being mentioned is perhaps a good sign! Despite the fact they are our competitors/partners they are damn good! Go with your heart :wink:

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Sorry for necro. But @HIVELOCITY we need coupons for SparkNode, the price is a little bit high (maybe?).
30% discount or double ram will be amazing!

those are HDD? I can’t see they mention SSD anywhere.
Nevermind, saw it :sweat_smile:

SparkNode is twice as expensive as Vultr

ImpactVPS is Seattle only
SparkNode has Tampa, Atlanta and Los Angeles
Vultr has many locations worldwide, based on Choopa routing

If you need something powerful…

with 4 cores, 4 GB and 5 included IPs, you can’t beat ImpactVPS for only $12/mth

and you get it for $10 /mth if you pay yearly