Hivelocity Has Acquired Swiftway's Dedicated Server and Colocation Business

Hivelocity, a provider of Bare-Metal Servers, Edge Compute, Colocation and Cloud hosted services, is pleased to announce it has acquired the dedicated server and colocation customer base from fellow IaaS provider, Swiftway. In addition to many new customers, this acquisition supplies Hivelocity with new data center locations in Amsterdam, Chicago and San Jose CA.

“As we continue to grow our edge-compute platform we continue to look for opportunities that provide us with the strategic geo-markets we desire and that our customers desire. Amsterdam, Chicago and Northern California have long been on our list of locations we need to establish our service suite. With today’s announcement we now offer our customers the ability to instantly deploy bare-metal in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Jose, Seattle and Tampa,” says Hivelocity COO, Steve Eschweiler. “What’s more, this acquisition is extremely advantageous for our new customer base as well. You have one company, in Swiftway, that wants out of the bare-metal and colocation business, and another in Hivelocity, that is highly specialized in both of these services, and continues to invest heavily in perfecting the customer experience for people who prefer dedicated servers over shared resources.”

Hivelocity was founded in 2002 and maintains its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. With its 100+ Linux, Windows, Virtualization and Network Engineers Hivelocity has made its name on delivering an over-the-top technical support and customer service experience. To that end, Hivelocity maintains an incredibly impressive Net Promoter Score of 81.

“We will be immediately improving and expanding upon the services the former customers of Swiftway have previously received. We are already in the process of upgrading the network infrastructure in Amsterdam through the addition of new routers, new transit providers, expanded throughput capacity and true on premise enterprise DDoS protection. Our new customers in Amsterdam, Chicago, New York and San Jose should be excited to know they will be receiving superior service for the same exact price they pay now,” added Eschweiler.


Congrats Steve and team.

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Congratulations! Do we get insane deals at NL this Christmas to celebrate the occasion? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Congrats on the way to a monopoly.

let 'em settle in!

Didn’t see that one coming, nicely done :slight_smile:

You did, there was even a topic about it almost half a year ago. Would’ve been impossible to do without acquiring Swiftway.

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Zero recollection of this

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Actual link: link

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HiVelocity took over the only two companies I’ve ever had a negative experience with (albeit, years ago), seems like a great thing to me, considering I use them now.

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Making a great business and cleaning up meanwhile doing so.

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Yea, SwiftWay was a ****show. It can only improve under Hivelocity.

Please acquire Deluxe or Colocrossing and start providing IPv6 on CC network.


Why are you throwing away that perfectly good door stop?

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Welcome to AMS-IX :slight_smile:
Happy to peer if you’re not going to be on the RS.

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It looks like a Juniper Bush to me !

Douh! Harsh, and hilarious.

Damn, plenty of hardware there that’s probably still good to use, no?

That router? Definitely not.