Hivelocity - E3-1230 v6 @ $55. E-2236 @ $89. Dual Silver 4210 $179

Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions to customers from over 130 countries since 2002. Our World Class Technical Support Team works 24/7/365 and is available to you via phone, live chat and support ticket. Answers are instant and resolutions take minutes, not hours and never days like the other guys. Every month we deploy hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dedicated bare metal servers all over the world. Our Net Promotor Score is an outstanding 74 because we provide the best support on the best network in the business. Let us prove to you the Hivelocity Experience is better.

Our Team - Data Center Live Streams - All Instant and Custom Built Bare Metal Servers - Developer and API Docs

And so much more…

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