Hivelocity Acquires Bare Metal and VPS Provider Heficed

Hivelocity, industry-leading IaaS and Bare Metal Cloud provider, is pleased to announce our acquisition of UK-based network infrastructure solutions and cloud provider, Heficed.

Under the terms of this new deal,, its customers, select staff, and their data center locations will all fold into the Hivelocity brand.

“This acquisition represents a fantastic opportunity for our clients old and new,” says Mike Architteto, CEO and co-founder of Hivelocity. “By combining Heficed’s impressive list of data center locations and VPS hosting options with our own global network of data centers and premium dedicated server hosting, our world-class infrastructure solutions will now reach an even wider audience of users. This merger means not only access to important new global markets but new product offerings as well, expanding our already extensive catalogue of hosting solutions to offer even greater options to our customers around the world.”

For existing customers of Heficed, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Hivelocity family and assure you that although things are changing, any effects on your service during this transition will be kept to a minimum. We look forward to showing you first-hand the Hivelocity difference that has attracted many customers like yourself to our services.

To our existing Hivelocity customers, this acquisition means several exciting additions over the coming months. As part of the data centers we are absorbing from Heficed, we’ll now have three new data center locations for our clients to deploy bare metal from: São Paulo, BR, Johannesburg, ZA, and Lagos, NG. More details on these new options to come, so keep an eye on our blog and your email for more information as it’s released.

About Hivelocity

Founded in 2002, Hivelocity is a privately held company that has been a fixture in the dedicated server hosting industry for 20 years. With 40+ international locations operating in 29 global markets across 6 continents, Hivelocity’s Bare Metal Cloud solutions can help you reach 80% of the world’s internet population in under 25 milliseconds.

To learn more about Hivelocity, visit our website at:


Excuse my language but this is pretty fucking huge.

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Thank you Jar. We are pretty excited for what this acquisition will bring to Hivelocity’s service offerings. Firstly, we are adding Brazil, South Africa and Nigeria to our available IaaS locations. Previously we were all over N. America, Europe and APAC but had nothing in South America or Africa. With these new locations our services will be available on 6 continents. Lastly, we will soon be offering VPS along side our Bare Metal via a single pane of glass, myVelocity. Incidentally, the myVelocity page I just linked to will be getting a refresh in the next few days showing off the fresher interface we have been rolling out and some of the new network automation features just released within. You can learn about some of this at


Some good proprietary software gained. The hardware to price ratio is already firmly within Hivelocity’s arena. If any of that code remains from before they split off IPXO, might be some good stuff to toss around ideas with too.

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That’s great to hear and awesome! I’ve been a long-time customer of Incero before Hivelocity acquisition and continues to be a customer.

This is going to be pretty awesome. Best of luck moving forward!

Also please send loving regards to Mr. Arp!


Is Ryan still there?

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Yes, Ryan is still with us and I sent him the love as requested. He was thankful for the thoughts.


If you were going to offer VPSes, why you got rid of SpeedyKVM?

I don’t expect a full explanation of course.

The Heficed VPS infra is easier for us to integrate into our existing platform.

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