HIVELOCITY- 40% Off Instant Deploy AMD EPYC Dedicated Servers

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Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, private cloud,colocation and managed services to customers from over 130 countries since 2002. We have data centers in Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York City. Our world-class team of technicians works 24/7/365 on-prem at our data centers.

We also offer 20 Intel Xeon and Dual Xeon Instantly Deployable Dedicated Server configurations available in Tampa, Atlanta, New York City and Los Angeles starting from $79/month. And for those of you who have a few hours to spare we can custom build you a dedicated server thousands of different ways with same day deployment from $109/month.


You’re tempting us further :slight_smile:

Damn nice offers. Should be 2x1TB SSD! :grin:

Thanks for the feedback. I can make that happen. However, another perspective to consider is this. A RAID card adds another point of failure and may have a higher failure rate than the SSDs themselves…and software RAID is just not very reliable. Might it be worth considering a single SSD + our Rapid Restore backup service? 36%20AM


What issues have you come across in software raid ? In 18 yrs I can count on one hand the number of times software raid had any issues myself :slight_smile:

Loading the OS can be more complicated, its more complicated to work on, certain utils like those used for resetting windows passwords may no longer work. There are also issues with cloning software and if you have to use uefi due to drive size then more issues come up. With something like pcie nvme drives software RAID may be the only choice but for normal drives we just feel it is more hassle then it is worth. Keep in mind, we manage thousands of servers so we look for certain efficiencies to make our lives easier and help us resolve issues as quickly as possible. Hardware RAID helps us in that capacity.

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