HIVELOCITY- 35% OFF Select Instantly Deployed Dedicated Servers in NYC, Tampa, LA & Atlanta

Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions to customers from over 130 countries since 2002. Our World Class Technical Support Team works on-prem, inside our data centers 24/7/365 and is available to you via phone, live chat and support tickets. Answers are instant and resolutions take minutes, not hours and not days like the other guys. We deploy thousands of new servers and solutions every year for our customers around the world. Let us show you why the Hivelocity way is different and better than what the rest of the industry provides.

OR custom configure the hardware/software of this base server any way you like it and let us custom build it and deploy it within a few days (typically same day)

You can see all of our Instant Deploy Servers and our Custom Built Servers at Dedicated Server Hosting | Instant & Custom Solutions | Hivelocity


Only a few more days left on this one ballers. Now is the time if you want one.

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Got that mother and she’s everything you’d want her to be.

Also wore my Hivelocity shirt in some meetings to show off what it means to love on customers, no matter how small they are.


If I could make one suggestion, it’d be to start offering 2 SSDs with your servers, as I’m not sure who would risk their data on a single SSD setup in this day and age.



Yeah! Add a second SSD so I can RAID0 that bitch :smiling_imp:


We offered some RAID configs early on and they sold sloooow. We can try again but we let demand drive the offerings we have today. For what’s its worth, we offer our Rapid Restore service which provides 5 recovery points from the 5 previous days. If a RAID fails you are stuck with corrupt data which is obviously not good. Rapid Restore eliminates that scenario and gets your data back at up to 200GB per hour. RAID is great and smart but just sayin.


what about restore speed ?

I believe the restore speed is 200GB/hr

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Q[quote=“Aidan, post:8, topic:758”]

Rapid Restore eliminates that scenario and gets your data back at up to 200GB per hour.

what about restore speed ?

I believe the restore

Up to 200GB per hour.

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We are dipping our toe back in the water with a 2 x HDD and hardware RAID instant deploy configuration.

  • Quad-Core E3-1230 V4 2.4GHz Xeon
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 x 1TB Enterprise Sata
  • Raid 1 (hardware)
  • 20TB on 1Gbps port bandwidth
  • $149/month

v5 :wink:

My bad…V5 indeed.