Hijacked Facebook Page WELP!

Hey guys,

Has any of you had or know someone that had their company facebook page highjacked?
Someone got hold of the FB page, got themselves into admin position ,and even if there are other legit users as admins, these can’t kick out the perpetrators.

Problem started with a FB business account that owns that FB page but the company owner doesn’t know who did it. Maybe a friend, past hire or family member. What a mess…

It seems that reaching out to Fb ain’t easy either.

Restore from backups.


I don’t use Facebook, but if you find a solution let us know. I’m going back to Facebook soon with a business account.

I think this really comes down to Facebook support which seems to be inexistent, or uninsterested in one of their clients (this guy pays for ads) having a compromised account.

Facebook did refund the ads that the compromised account ran, but they didnt’ gave back the control to my friend, nor did they kick the hackers out of the account. Basically they refunded the ads and blocked them for running more ads, from that account.

I’m sure these hackers moved on to something else as they do nothing to the page. No posts, nothing.
This was purely to get someone else to pay for their ads and FB couldn’t care less.

F*ck Facebook. I want privacy. I still remember the good old days of IRC one I had to chat with a girl for hours, and act like a gentleman, until I got to receive her picture through DCC. I loved those moments, of elegance and subtlety.

Social networks took that away. Now a teenager can see the picture and select the girl with big ass and boobs, without appreciating the conversation itself. And then, he has to compete with hundreds of other people leaving simplistic compliments. I feel like a frustrated millenial in this social networking era.

I shall never make a Facebook account.

Note: I know this thread is about a business account, but still, I can not adapt to social networking, so I still hate it in my ignorance.

The last time I seriously used Facebook was 3years ago. around that time I visited a FB group and ‘behold’.
Greeted with a message saying ‘the only current admin got suspended, would you take over this group’
Damn yea, ill take it. it had ~ 15k members.

A former co-worker was also hacked the other day. They also were an admin on a company site and the hacker(s) used their account to remove all other admins from the business site and hijack it along the account. I switched FB to 2FA after learning about this. Seems like maybe a group at work these days?

FB support wasn’t of much help either.

Yeah I imagine that these guys do this routinely.
They were able to run several ads, and those were (most atleast) refunded so i don’t get it why FB understands that it should refund the ads because its a hacked account, but doesn’t understand that they should completely remove the hackers from the account and give it back to the proper owner.

The owner is willing prove ownership, with company papers and personal ids, and they did refund to his credit card so they know he was always the one paying the bills…

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Yeah, idk about fb. Guess I wont start a business site there lol.

Well, unfortunately it a necessary evil sometimes.
Atleast he’s not making Facebook his company business site as I’ve seen some businesses doing lately.
“Why do we need to pay for a website?! Facebook Shop is free!!!” … just wait and one day you’ll know why.

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Facebook and Google are two of those companies that can either bottleneck your path to support, or go bankrupt trying to satisfy the number of people that would “like to have a talk with them.” At that size, for as many people they make money from relative to the number of people that use their services, you just have to make yourself nearly impossible to contact.

Good luck. Try to find some connections on LinkedIn.

I have a few friends there.

I can try dropping them a line or two about this to get their feedback.

Worth checking if that email turned up on haveibeenpwned.com. I’ve got a unique last name but had a common password in old systems that was finally hacked a few years back. Turns out I had $50 in eBates certificates.

Send me a PM with a link to the page and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

You should make sure that all admins have two-factor authentication enabled.

Yeah… I think support is really hard to scale out when you’re at Facebook’s or Google’s scale. How do you give personalized support for 2.7 billion users? A lot of it relies on automation, which unfortunately doesn’t solve every problem.

That appears for any groups that have no admins (eg. the last admin of the group was suspended, deleted their account, or just decided to leave the group)

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