Hijack of Route53 - MyEtherWallet.com

It seems like a US provider XLHost.com/ee.net/AS10297 hijacked AWS Route53 prefixes few hours ago, provided their own DNS resolvers on these ranges and redirected visitors of MyEtherWallet.com to a Russian-based man-in-the-middle proxy, stealing customers’ wallets and funds.

That’s just gross.



Starting to wonder why any of us store private data on the internet. At this point we may as well admit, the internet itself is the vulnerability.



This is what inspired me to move to clown computing about a year ago :')
I think the only thing I’ve yet to sort is my emails, but I trust that I’m in safe hands for the time being there :wink:
Having said that, I’m looking to learn how to do it myself, but finals are a heartless bitch and spacetime and JackTime™ don’t seem to be in sync.

Wouldn’t help you in this case, I can hijack the IP block your server is on and it’s game over either way.

BGPSec and RPKI? But yes, in general you’re right. Was replying more specifically to @Jarland’s comment out of context. My bad!